upgrade cegcc to gcc 4.9.X

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upgrade cegcc to gcc 4.9.X

Fred Lee
Dear all,

I am trying to build the latest webkit for wince, however, it requires
the compiler to support C++11, and the VC++ is unable to do it.  (VC2013
can do, but it can only be used for wince2013, and also the wince2013
sdk headers and toolchain don't support c++11 as well, which cause lots
of problems)

I have spent some times on upgrading cegcc to gcc 4.9.2.

Currently, i can make the cegcc build for arm mingw32   with gcc 4.9.2
and binutils-2.25.1, but it still have lots of issues still exist.

1. only for arm build, no X86
2. only for mingw32
3. only build on cygwin
4. need to hack one of the binutils file to make the linker work.

Actually the work so far i have done can build the webkit for wince6 and
wince7, I just wonder anybody would like to take what i have to make it
properly, as i don't think i will go further on this, except to make
cegcc to support thumb build (i.e. for wince2013)



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