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Pedro Alves-4
Sorry for the huge delay...  This slipped through the cracks.

On Sunday 19 July 2009 15:39:16, Danny Backx wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 15:30 -0400, Joe Mason wrote:
> > None of the files I've looked at in mingw/mingwex/wince have copyright
> > info in the file, and there's no single copyright file in that dir.
> Some do have a copyright. Most don't.
> access.c : free to .. but include copyright (DJ Delorie)

> asctime.c, chmod.c, close.c, ctime.c, fdopen.c, freopen.c, futime.c,
> gmtime.c, isalnum.c, isalpha.c, iscntrl.c, isgraph.c, islower.c,
> isprint.c, ispunct.c, isspace.c, isupper.c, isxdigit.c, localtime.c,
> lseek.c, mktime.c, open.c, read.c, rename.c, strftime.c, tempnam.c,
> time.c, _tolower.c, _toupper.c, unlink.c, utime.c, wcsftime.c, write.c :
> none
> bsearch.c, lfind.c : BSD
> chsize.c, findfile.c, mb_cur_max.c, mkdir.c, rmdir.c, stat.c : PD
> timeutil.c : free to .. (ruby)
> I believe many of the "none" cases are Pedro's. They're from his
> 2007-02-03 commit. I'll ask him offline (in case he doesn't catch this
> message on the list) whether he wrote all of these.

You're right.  Thanks for the list.  I've just added public domain headers
to all of the "none"s you pointed out, except for strftime.c, which came
from openbsd, so BSD licensed.

Pedro Alves

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