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Mediawiki migrated to Trac

Paul Sokolovsky

Per previous proposal, and no concerns sounded (also asked Danny
explicitly), I've enabled and set up Trac instanace for CeGCC project

Project admins were given Trac admin privileges, members - to maintain
tickets, and all registered users can submit tickets and
create/edit wiki pages.

I also migrated (manually) Mediawiki pages (cleaned it up there first)
and rewrote front page to give more insight into project and wiki
contents. I'm in the process of further cleaning up/elaborating wiki at
this time.

Trac has built in Manual/Help, accessible at (or via
Help/Guide link on each page). In particular, wiki syntax is described
here: . It
is close to Mediawiki, though less HTMLish (and thus less powerful,
though more readable).

Further course of action:

1. Add notice to Mediawiki pages that they were migrated.
2. Disable write access to Mediawiki (if possible).
3. Add notice to SF tracker that bugs should be submitted to Trac.
4. As time permits, migrated existing SF bugs to Trac (at least create

Merry Christmas!

Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:[hidden email]

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