List of cegcc-ported software and general open-source for WinCE in the wiki

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List of cegcc-ported software and general open-source for WinCE in the wiki

Paul Sokolovsky

I don't know how much use of wiki there should be, but one
useful and sustainable use is tracking software ported to cegcc and
(interesting) open-source software in general. So, I've revamped few
initial bits which were in Mediawiki, and created to pages:

The purpose of firs is clear: to track software which builds using
cegcc either with patches (should be linked) or natively. The second is
general, hopefully categorized, list of open-source stuff. I've tried
to fill up this last list, and well, each and every project probably
can't be added there, nor should be. Something which is notable and
useful should go in, with selector questions like "Is this worth to be
ported to cegcc?", "Is this really developed, functional software?",
"Is this unique software for which no other (open-source) analogues
exist?", "Is this software otherwise hard to find, so listing it here
is last chance to avoid oblivion?".

Anyway, I'd like to invite everyone to contribute to those pages - it's
with bunch of source where real use for compilers come.

Happy New Year!

Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:[hidden email]

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